JAN 2022

Now booking events for 2023. We are also launching our virtual networking through Gratitude Referral Network. Follow our blog Inspiring Innovators for tips on entrepreneurship. We also are working together with the Yuma RV Publications to provide advertising in the community for your business. Comedy shows are continuing to happen monthly as well. Our annual Rotary Gala is January 28th! More information is available on social media. Also Comedy show date is booked for January 13th at Fun Factory followed by after party at Sage and Sands. We hope to see you there! Happy 2023 everyone!

DEC 2022

We have expanded our affiliate partnerships. We are now accredited by the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. Check out our consultant page to follow our referral partners. Thank you to all those who have supported our company throughout the years. We wish everyone a very Happy New Year ahead. Our celebration for New years will be held at Sun of a Gun Cigar, and Beer Garden. Follow our business pages on Facebook and Instagram for updates on upcoming events.

NOV 2022

New comedy events coming to Z Fun Factory. Follow our One Self Consulting page for more info. We also are assisting with the Rotary Wine and Cheese Annual Tasting. Tickets on sale now.

OCT 2022

New calander coming soon! Follow our business page for more information and updates. We are also working on a new calander for 2023. Now booking,

SEPT 2022

We are promoting for a local comedy show featuring comedians coming from Los Angeles. For more details please visit our facebook or instagram pages. We are also part of the admin for the facebook page 928 BAR VIBES. Follow that page to see what other consultants are doing in the community.


We are volunteering for the Indian Assosiation of Yuma event for independence day. We are also scouting sponsors for our upcoming events.

JULY 2022

We are now taking new customers for events. Email us for booking your event. Follow @oneselfconsulting for more updates

JUNE 2022

We are planning a comedy show and conducting coaching for business via zoom. Keep updated on events in our community on our social media pages.

MAY 2022

Currently taking new clients for events and business coaching. Packages are customizable. Also we are helping to advertise for Bachata & Salsa events, and ladies nights. Check out our facebook page to see events happening. We are also working with Yuma Crossing Rotary to volunteer at various causes in our community. We are starting a movie evenings for the kids in the community at Martin Luther King center. Also for Mothers day and Fathers day coming up if you would like to donate something to the less fortunate do email us.

APRIL 2022

We are currently promoting and advertising for various consultants in our community. If you would like some social media promotion please contact us for packages. Follow our facebook page for more information on upcoming events. We are also working on a instagram live show.

MARCH 2022

We are currently taking applications for those interested in participating in our annual Golf tournament for Rotary. One Self will be volunteering at the event. lf you would like to sponsor a prize please contact us and we can get it to the Rotary club. We are also in the works for promoting another comedy show in Yuma.

FEB 2022

We will be working together with Yuma Crossing Rotary to host a Taco about Love event at Holiday Inn Express in Yuma, Arizona. Tickets are on sale now. Contact a Rotary member for your ticket. We are also looking for prizes to be donated for the event. We will also be attending business mixers in the community and planning future events so please contact us to book yours.

JAN 2022

We will be assisting with the annual Rotary Gala. If you would like to sponsor a prize or give a donation please email us at We are also taking on new clients for business coaching.

DEC 2021

We will be hosting a comedy show with Andy Kern and Luz Pazos. Please follow our social media One Self Consulting to get updates on the show. Presale tickets can be bought online on Eventbrite or at the door. We are also adding to our 2022 calendar so if you would like to add an event please contact us.

NOV 2021

We are currently collaborating with Rotary International to find sposors and host their annual Wine and Cheese Tasting event. We are also in the works for hosting a comedy show at Fun Factory in December. Follow our social media page to see current events going on in Yuma.


We are working on our podcast Inspiring Innovators. Podcast is available on Anchor and social media. Our episodes come live each month and on the anchor platform. We are working toward creating more content and publishing it into spotify and youtube. We have also started promoting some nonprofit events with Rotary International. See our social media media page for updates on upcoming events.


We are now a sales representative for the Yuma RV Resorts Publications. We also have some comedy shows in planning with various venues in Arizona. Our podcast will be coming out next month. More to come online business mixers, Check out our facebook page for more info. We have also launched bridal packages.


Our schedule of events is filling fast. We will be promoting and producing more comedy events for fall 2021. Stay tuned for our Halloween event and comedy productions with Comedy Machine. Nonprofit events are also expanding. Business coaching is being conducted online and we have some open appointments. To connect with our team in person or on phone schedule a appointment time. We are also attending business mixers in Arizona and California. Like our social media page to connect to where these events happen. We have a youtube and podcast coming soon. Stay tuned via website or social media for the launch date.

JULY 2021

We are currently adding to our fall calendar. We have grown our team of consultants. We have also expanded to the world of webinars with Oola Life. We also are assisting with business coaching virtually and in person. We are also in the planning phase for several upcoming non profit events with Yuma Crossing Rotary. For any updates on current events we are hosting please visit our website or social media pages.

JUNE 2021

We are collaborating with several companies in Yuma, AZ to host events for our community. Check out website, our facebook page or visit our instagram, or linkedin for more information. If you would like to book an upcoming business coaching session or event we can be contacted via email

MAY 2021

We are transitioning to more events. Our calendar is getting filled and we are ready to help your business succeed via our coaching, event or public relations services. April 2021. Also if you would like to advertise on our website, social media, or The DarrielRoy show email me at or

We are currently planning in person events for Sun of a Gun Cigar Lounge, Darriel Roy Show, J Remix Entertainment, Desert Penguin Bar and Grill, Mary Kay, Rotary International, Gratitude Referral Network, OYO Hotel, and Oola Life. Please check our social media or eventbrite to purchase tickets or see upcoming events.

JULY 2020- APRIL 2021

We are on hiatus for in person events until Doug Ducey our governor allows us to host events in person. Although, we are still in business and are promoting for zoom comedy shows and business coaching services are still available. Also we can promote your business online via our social media services.

JUNE 2020

We are still available for services. We have now added empowerment events and wedding planning. We have also partnered with various companies for events and collaboration. Due to covid 19, we are now not doing in person events.

MAY 2020

We are currently doing business coaching on a monthly plan basis and can also do marketing plans which can be emailed to you direcly or mailed. Please ask for our rate sheet for more information. We are also offering graphic design and website e-commerce sites.

APRIL 2020

We are currently transitioning to Zoom comedy shows and business coaching online. Stay posted on updates via social media or email us

MARCH 2020

We are thankful to all our followers and collaborators with our company. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking a hiatus on hosting events. Once government allows us to socialize and venues are open for business we will be back to creating fun and educational events for all. In the hiatus, we are still taking on clients for virtual business coaching calls, creation of social media or e-commerce platforms, and can do pre-planning for any future event. We appreciate your business and wish you all a safe and healthy year ahead.

FEB 2020

We are excited to announce that we are going to be co-hosting a event with entrepreneur and empowerment coach Manny Lopez. His event ServeX will be coming to Yuma, Arizona this spring. For more updates visit his website or visit our Facebook page We also are conducting a comedy show on Feb 6, 2020 at Sun of a Gun Cigar and Smoke Lounge from 7 to 9pm. Comedians are coming from Los Angeles, El Centro, and San Diego. For tickets visit We are also hosting a beauty event in partnership with Mary Kay on Feb 7th. More partnered events to come! Our next Sip, Share and Shine empowerment session is on Feb 23rd. See our Facebook page for more details.

JAN 2020

Welcome to 2020! Thank you to all our followers and new partnerships. Follow us on social media for updates on events and new projects. We are now partnered with Hegmon Group International, Imenu4U, Better Business Bureau, and Yuma Crossing Rotary Club. We are currently taking on new projects. Give us a call or send us a email to book a coaching session or hire us for events management. Our new calendar is available online on our social media pages. This month we are having a Open Mic/Open Stage Event at Littlewood Fine Arts & Community Co-op, Sip Share and Shine business mixer at Sun of a Gun Cigar & Smoke Lounge, and assisting with the Yuma Crossing Rotary Gala. For tickets to upcoming events please visit eventbrite or our social media.

DEC 2019

We are updating and working on our calendar for 2020. We are excited to collaborate with Keggercast Entertainment, HGI, Littlewood Fine Arts and Community Coop, Belles Boutique, Premier Salons, Dynasty of Beauty, and Sun of Gun Cigar and Tobacco Hub for events. We look forward to more collaborations in 2020 and having educational, fun, and leadership oriented events. We are also collaborating with more nonprofit organizations. Thank you to all our followers and supporters.  Happy Holidays Everyone!

NOV 2019

We look forward to the rotary events, small business appreciation day, and fitness expo coming up this month! For more information on other events contact us or visit our social media pages. We are also working on new partnerships and collaborations for 2019 and 2020.

OCT 2019

We will be hosting a Halloween party, wine tasting, woman empowerment event, and two comedy shows this most. Keep updated via our social media pages for invites and more info! We were also called to do a radio interview in California! Stay tuned for upcoming video footage and pictures of our events! All will be posted on our social media pages. This month marks 3 years of One Self Consulting being in business. Special thanks to our current clients, followers and team!

SEPT 2019

We are now affiliated with several companies in California. Affiliate and partnered business links coming soon to our website with bios on their road to entrepreneurship. Until then please visit our social media pages to keep updated on our entrepreneurial journey and upcoming events. It’s been a very productive September including business trips to San Diego and Los Angeles to create new business relationships.

AUG 2019

We are currently accepting new clients and consultants to our team. We are expanding into new services and events. Thank you to all those who have assisted for the past events and current events happening in Arizona and California . Our next shows are listed on our Facebook page.

JULY 2019

July has been a wonderful month of coaching as well as event planning. We have some comedy shows, fashion events, and women empowerment events coming up. Follow us on facebook and instagram for more information.

JUNE 2019

We are so honored to have attended various events in Yuma, Arizona and San Diego, California. We are constantly searching talent for our upcoming shows and events. If you or someone you know needs a place to perform or venue space contact us or call us. We would love to set up an event for them.

MAY 2019
Thank you to our One Self consultants and our event development team. We are excited for another year of fun and business success. Contact us via email to book your next event or business coaching services. We are also on instagram and facebook as One Self Consulting. We look forward to working with you on your next business task.
APRIL 2019
Currently One Self is working on their app collaborations and some events. We are also in the process in planning a comedy event and several nonprofit events with Yuma Crossing Rotary Club. Stay tuned on their facebook and instagram for updates and venues. Thanks for checking out our blog and hope you have wonderful day!

JUNE 2018- MAR 2019: We are continuing to promote and advertise for events in the community. We are also staying active with the Yuma Crossing Rotary club. For updates on our company please follow our Facebook or Instagram pages.

MAY 2018
Our Bollywood Mixtape event is only 4 days away! Tickets are still on sale online. See link of event page on facebook or visit for more information or email for your ticket. One Self is collaborating with Plume to host a fall event and also we will be doing other events with Yuma Crossing Rotary club throughout the year. If you would like to collaborate on a project please email us We want to thank all our sponsors for past events and for the future upcoming events for the Rotary Club.  We have various other venues here in Yuma, AZ and San Diego, CA that we will be working with this year. If you would like to get on our calendar please email As of this month, One Self will also be part of the Chamber of Commerce and American Business Woman’s Association. Thank you to our One Self team for all their dedication to the team.
APRIL 2018
We are in the process of collaborating on some more projects and events in 2018 summer and fall. Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram page for more updates. We are preparing to launch more services. Stay tuned on our facebook page for more info. We are excited for the new collaborations we have for 2019! Our next big event is May 19, 2018 in San Diego called Bollywood Mixtape Vol. 2! For tickets or more information contact We have been coordinating with various business in Arizona and California and looking forward to work with more companies this year. To get on our event calendar or to plan your next one contact us now! We are working on new partnerships for upcoming events. We are also accepting new e-commerce clients. For more information or to partner with us please contact us via email or by phone 619-572-8864.

MARCH 2018

We have many upcoming events. Follow us on social media or email us for a complete list of events or to coordinate your next event or ecommerce project. We are working on new partnerships for future events. Stay tuned on our facebook page for more information. For tickets or more info email or call us. We will also be participating next week at Start up Weekend.We are currently working on several events in San Diego and Yuma area.  We are also networking with other collaborators and businesses for future events. We will be bringing you top quality, fun, and entertaining events for the community. Please follow us on our Facebook or Instagram for updates.

FEB 2018

We are in the planning phase with Jonathan Bosco for the Bollywood Mixtape event vol.2.  This is an annual student film & dance recital show. Bollywood, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and many other dance forms will be showcased. It will be held in San Diego, California on May 19th at San Diego Performing Arts Center, 4579 Mission Gorge Pl, San Diego, CA 92120. Pre-sale tickets are on sale now. Contact for your ticket today! For more info or to sponsor the event contact either Jonathan Bosco or Natasha at or visit

JAN 2018

We assisted Yuma Crossing Rotary for their annual charity gala. We had over 120 people in attendance. Thank you to all the members of our Rotary club,  sponsors who made this a successful event, deejay Jose, photographers, decor team, and the performers who made this event a spectacular one. We look forward to many more events this year to support a wonderful cause.We attended the Improv Music Jam in Yuma, Arizona at the Littlewood Fine Arts & Community Center. It was a wonderful night of music and talent. We got to network with many people in our area. It was a fun event and we definitely recommend this business to anyone interested in the arts or music. They are a great resource for creativity projects and also a cool place to hang out with friends or family. We also attended a team building event called Courageous Conversation. It was held at the Littlewood Fine Arts & Community Center. It was a meetup event hosted by Geneah Berrian. We highly recommend attending one of her seminars. Jonathan Bosco top Film and Dance choreographer in San Diego has open dance spots for this year. Please email him at for your spot today. More information on his classes can be found at

DEC 2017

We had the opportunity to attend the 10 year anniversary celebration for one of our team members work accomplishment while at ICICI Prudential. It was a great night of food, music, live band and dance performances. It was held at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai. We had the opportunity to attend the Annual Manglorean Christmas Dinner Dance held at Tara’s Himalayan Cuisine- Artesia. There were many performances, skit, good food, and dancing. It was hosted by Cyril and Nancy Monis. It was a star studded event with beautiful decor and traditional Indian food. They even had someone as Santa giving gifts to the children. It was a wonderful night to celebrate the holiday season.

NOV 2017

We volunteered with the Yuma Crossing Rotary Club on Thanksgiving Day to serve food for the poor and the refugees. We at One Self love giving back to the community via donating food, money or our time. We wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your friends and family and encourage those to give back this holiday season.We had the opportunity to attend a country show at Whiskey Road Saloon in Yuma, Arizona. It was a wonderful night of music and line dancing. We highly recommend this place for your night out in Yuma.

OCT 2017

We helped Yuma Crossing Rotary with their Wine and Cheese Event. It was their annual event and fundraiser. It was held at the Hampton Inn in Yuma, Arizona. There was beautiful decorations, raffle prizes, dancing, and food. It was a successful event. Thanks to all those who supported the event and also donated to the polio cause. We had the opportunity to assist and host the Diwali celebration in Yuma with India Association of Yuma. It was a colorful and fun filled event with dance performances, food catered from Phoenix, AZ and a night of dance and networking. We highly recommend the India Association for your next cultural event out.

FEB 2017

Here at One Self we believe giving back for a good cause creates happiness! To share happy moments we must always look within to let our skills and happiness flow! When we choose to be positive and take time to put a smile on someone’s face we automatically start feeling change of emotions and happy thoughts! Staying thoughtful even when life gets hard and loving yourself is key to happiness and success!

JAN 2017

Introducing Betty Parakkal for all your real estate needs ! She is professional and well connected in California especially the San Diego area! Contact her for any home purchasing or leasing needs.

JAN 2017

Here at One Self we believe business success takes time! We need to work daily on finding our inner motivation to make our business and life passion come to life! Being a top performer in our company is a mindset as well as a determination to succeed. It is from the passion we create our dreams and aspirations! We are here to assist you as you transition and grow in our company!

Introducing DJ Arvin from Sacramento! Ready to serve your next event for the Bay Area!! Contact One Self for booking him for your next event! Search DJ Arvin on SoundCloud to hear his music mixes!

Bitolas Cigar Hub is planning a cigar social on Feb 3, 2017! Come check out the specials and get to know new people here in Yuma! This event is sponsored by Kristoff Cigars! For more info visit Bitolas on Facebook!

JAN 2017

We wish you a happy new year! We look forward to a wondeful new year with more events and great moments to come! Have a wonderful first day of the new year!

DEC 2016

We are less than a month away from the Yuma County Rotary Gala. This is a fundraising event and a gathering for rotary and other people from our Yuma community. Come enjoy a night of music, dance, food and entertainment. Tickets are on sale now! More information can be found in the flyer.


For those looking for a plan for New Years check out Hyper Productions Djs New Years bollywood event in Pheonix, AZ. More information can be found on DJ-Isaac’s facebook or by calling the number listed in this ad.


We are happy to be teaming up with National Protective Services from San Francisco for marketing their brand. Visit their facebook or website for more info.


We are in the planning phase with Minx Events and Jonathan Bosco for the Bollywood Mixtape Event! Stay tuned for more info on their websites and


We were so honored to attend the Goans of America LA- Christmas Gala. Speical thanks to those who planned the event and all the exciting prize donations. The venue was wonderful in Buena Park. Knotts Berry Farm Hotel staff were very professional and helpful and so were the organizers of this years Chritmas event from the Goa La team! The band who played also was excellent. Our One Self team will definately love to support this event next year!

NOV 2016
KABIR SINGH COMEDY SHOW- San Diego, CA (American Comedy Company)
We are happy to have been the promotions managers for Kabir Singh comedy show in San Diego, California. Speical thanks to all the comedians Phil Medina, Jeremey Curry, Dave Bressoud, and Noah Gain, who opened for the show. For our headliner Kabir Singh, who created a spectacular performance at American Comedy Company, thanks for always making the crowd here happy, laughing, and entertained in Sunny San Diego. We look forward to more shows in Southern California soon! We wish you the best on your tours and congrats on being signed to NBC, and Family Guy! One Self Consulting supports your cause for the wounded warriors too! We cant wait until you grace our stage again!

DIWALI MELA 2016-  (2nd annual) – OCTOBER 2016

Thank you to all our Diwali Mela Sponsors. The food was truly amazing! The jewelry sponsors and event staff, thank you also for being there too!  Special thanks to Event Manager Jonathan Bosco and Minx Events event lead planner Menakshee Jain for making this show a success. We are so happy to be part of your team!
For more information on Minx Evnets visit:
Jonathan Bosco:
One Self Consulting:
Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Special thanks to all our sponsors throughout the years!


We are also proud to announce SANEDO 2017: One Self will be promoting this event this 2017 with Minx Events! More details to come. Stay tuned on Tamasha SD facebook or
Proud to be marketing for Minx Events.
Special Thanks to Chevy of San Diego for being our main sponsor for Diwali Mela 2017!
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